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BENGALURU: As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect people in more ways than they can handle, a Bengaluru-based initiative, Nyaaya (justice), is helping them understand their legal rights by providing legal information to across multiple platforms.
Any citizen who needs answers to questions related to Covid rules / laws, say like “Can family members of a person who passed away COVID-19 Do you get any relief from the government? ”, You can contact Nyaaya through her website or on +91 9650108107.
Conceived by Rohini Nilekani, founder and president of Arghyam Foundation, and incubated in the Vidhi Center for Legal Policy Here, the initiative is an open access digital resource that provides simple, actionable and retrievable legal information for the citizens, helping them solve day-to-day legal problems by making them aware of their rights.
While Nyaaya will be able to provide legal information from the text of the law, as well as from people’s experiences, he will not provide legal advice to solve your problems or represent you in a court of law or otherwise. “Our team is comprised of qualified attorneys from reputable institutions with diverse work experience,” said Anisha Gopi, Nyaaya’s team leader.
“The team felt that the best use of our resources during the pandemic is to answer as many Covid-related questions as possible. We decided to use WhatsApp too, as it bridges the urban-rural digital divide, ”Anisha said.
Their helpline is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Hate, Bengali, and Gujarati. They plan to expand into other regional languages ​​depending on the demand and capacity of the volunteer cohort (around 100 lawyers and students from 25 cities).
In the first week of the launch of the helpline, they have answered more than 150 questions received from 15 states on topics such as patient rights, governmental, commercial, labor, judicial processes, health, crime and police, family law and property.
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