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ALLAHABAD: On Thursday, the Allahabad High Court ordered the Uttar Pradesh government to issue an order for its officers to complete the investigation of rape cases within two months.
A bench of two judges comprising the interim president of the Supreme Court Munishwar Nath Bhandari and Justice AK Ojha approved the order in a Public Interest Litigation filed by a named person Mahendra Pratap Singh.
The court ordered the state government and police authorities to inform it within a month of the progress of the investigation into the alleged rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in Mainpuri.
She was found hanging inside her school under suspicious circumstances in 2019 and her family had alleged that she was sexually assaulted before she was killed.
The court also ordered the police authorities to guarantee the safety of the girl’s family and also not to be pressured during the investigation.
The bank told the director general of the police, who appeared in person, to ensure that the investigation into the rape cases is completed within two months.
However, the court exempted him from appearing in person at the next hearing date.
At PIL, Mahendra Pratap Singh alleged that the police were not impartially investigating the Mainpuri incident and were protecting the accused. The petitioner further alleged that a special investigation team (SIT) formed in the case did not act independently.
On Thursday, the DGP reported that a new SIT is being formed to investigate the case. Senior lawyer and president of the bar association Amrendra Nath Singh, who is attending court, requested it to monitor the investigation.
The court then ordered the authorities involved to inform it of the progress of the investigation within a month and ordered the matter to be listed after that.
During the course of the hearing, the court expressed its concern about the low conviction rate in the country.
“We are aware of the fact that the conviction rate in India is just over 6%, the reason is poor investigation or manipulated by the police. Most of the time, material evidence is not collected scientifically and , therefore, the experts are unable to reach any conclusion that will result in the acquittal of the accused in most cases. ”
The court also ordered the state government that investigating officers must receive adequate training on how to investigate such cases and collect material evidence scientifically.
the AAG, on behalf of the state government, informed the court that the police officers who were initially investigating the case were suspended. In addition, a new SIT was formed to investigate the case again.
Lead attorney Amrendra Nath Singh reported that the girl’s mother had alleged in the FIR that her daughter used to complain that she knew some school secrets and that was why the principal was torturing her.
Singh further said that the girl had called her mother just one day before her death and said she was receiving death threats.
Upon which, the court suggested that the investigating officer should collect the details of the call from the phone numbers in question and use them as material evidence in the case.

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