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Concept of democracy in J&K reduced to local bodies polls, says Harsh Dev | India News


UDHAMPUR: The restoration of democratic government in Jammu and Kashmir seems to be the last priority of the Center as well as the Election Commission of India (ECI), he said Tough Dev Singh President-JKNPP and former minister on Wednesday.
While on his way to public gatherings in Thaplal and Sarsu villages in Ramnagar and Ghordi blocks respectively Singh said: “The concept of democracy in the BJP, the rule has been reduced to polls by local bodies with no sincere effort being made to install an elected government in J&K. ”
“All discussions about restoring democracy are ultimately directed toward the so-called successful conduct of Panchayat and Municipal center.”
Singh commented: “The BJP government had made the J&K elections conditional on the completion of the delimitation exercise which appears to have been left in limbo.”
“The Delimitation Commission that was formed in March 2020 with a one-year term had simply held a meeting with associate members during its original term, so it needed its extension for an additional year.”
“And although said Commission, which includes even the Chief Elections Commissioner of India, visited J&K last June to receive comments from various stakeholders and ensure the speedy completion of the process, not a word was heard about it from said body during the last three years. months, “he added.
The JKNPP leader further said: “With the ECI now focused on holding elections in several other states in the country long before the term of the respective governments in that country expires, the former J&K state deprived of democratic rule during the In the last three years, the Assembly having been suspected and finally dissolved in 2018, it did not seem to be finding the desired attention either by the electoral bodies or by the center ”.
Singh said that while the delineation of the DDC constituencies in J&K was accomplished within one week by the present dispensation, the helmsmen had not provided any convincing explanation for the excessive delay in delineating the Assembly constituencies.
He said that with delineation delayed and denied, the political process gone at J&K, and political parties discredited and discouraged, the center seemed hell-bent on depriving J&K of a democratically elected government.
“With the last elections taking place in J&K in 2014, the BJP government still seemed reluctant to hand over power to the people, even after a lapse of several years, thus dealing a fatal blow to the democratic values ​​enshrined in the Indian constitution.” .
“With the uncertainty about the delimitation of electoral districts, the UT of J&K was condemned to be governed by representatives from outside the state who had little responsibility before the masses that governed,” he added.

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