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Vaccine Manufacturers have already stopped accepting direct orders from the private sector after the Center changed the hiring rules. This has left many large private hospitals confused (most are waiting for new guidance from state governments) and concerned that the presence of states as a middle layer could lead to delays and perhaps result in a cap on the number of vaccines they will receive.
“We have been told that only orders placed and paid up to June 7 are fulfilled,” said a spokesman for the Apollo group of hospitals said Friday.
However, the measure is expected to benefit smaller players in the private health sector. Their complaint was that the larger hospitals were taking most of the 25% quota.
‘Pvt hospitals can still purchase on their own, but the state must decide the amount’
A senior bureaucrat who is part of Karnataka’s Covid management strategy said the revised guidelines do not prevent private hospitals from making purchases on their own, but the state government will determine how much they will get.
“The smaller hospitals could not receive the vaccine, while the larger hospitals that had booked before and had their own contacts were receiving it. Now, the bleeding raised by private hospitals will come to us and we will determine the demand, and then the government of India will allocate it, ”the official said.
The official added that dose allocation is now left to state governments, although the acquisition will be carried out by private hospitals.
“The Center will decide how much a state can get under the private quota, and based on that, we will make more dose assignments to private hospitals. We still have to fix the system. Some of the smaller hospitals may require our help with supplies, ”the officer said.
The sources said that the additional layer of the state that decides the dose for private hospitals may also increase the delay in the procurement of vaccines for private hospitals.
“Private hospitals were bearing almost 75% of the vaccination burden in Bengaluru in March and April. This came to a sudden stop from May 1. We wrote several letters to the state government and the Union health ministry. While the corporate chain of hospitals managed to source the vaccines directly from the manufacturers, the smaller hospitals were left out, ”said Dr Rajshekar YL, Secretary. Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes (Phana).
The new guidelines will end the chaos and provide affordable vaccines to smaller hospitals, he added.


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