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Congress and BJP trade charges | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress and BJP blamed each other on Monday after the SEC declared the election. BJP and NCP made it clear that since the seats were reserved for OBC, they will feature members of the same community, it reports. Prafulla Marpakwar.
BJP Spokesperson Chandrashekhar Bawankule blamed the MVA government for the “fiasco” over OBC reservation in local autonomous entities. “The MVA government has abandoned members of the OBC community. It was within the powers of the state government to postpone the polls until the dispute was resolved, ”he said.
Congress Speaker Atul londhe blamed BJP for not providing reserve for the OBCs. “When the 127th amendment was passed, it was the responsibility of BJP to ensure that the current reserve limit of 50% was removed. NDA, particularly BJP, has done a great injustice to the Maratha and CBO communities, ”he said.

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