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congress: BJP has no agenda except polarisation: Congress on Yogi Adityanath’s ‘abba jaan’ remark | India News


NEW DELHI: The Congress on Monday he criticized the prime minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath for his “abba jaan“he commented, saying that he is ahead of the state assembly elections where the BJP has no other agenda than polarization.
Gourav party spokesperson Vallabh He also said that Nathuram Godse, who killed Mahatma Gandhi, was “India’s first terrorist” as he attacked Adityanath for accusing Congress of being the “creator of terrorism.”
Addressing a show in Kushinagar on Sunday, Adityanath claimed that people weren’t getting rations before 2017 like now.
“Because then people who said ‘abba jaan’ used to digest the rations. The rations for Kushinagar used to go to Nepal and Bangladesh. Today, if someone tries to swallow the rations intended for the poor, they will end up in jail.” said the prime minister.
‘Abba jaan’ is an Urdu term for father.
Vallabh, when asked to comment on Adityanath’s’ abba jaan ‘comments, said: “Yogi Adityanath has come to power saying’ abba jaan ‘and’ bhai jaan ‘and with the elections approaching he has started to make’ Shamshaan-kabristan ‘”.
“Why has this ‘abba jaan’ come here now? It is because the elections are approaching. These are indicative of elections and since the BJP has nothing else to show or talk about, they have turned to ‘shamshaan-kabristan’ again”, said. .
“Such experiments only work once and not always. Because, all of Uttar Pradesh knows its true face now, as they are demanding answers from them, why thousands of people died during the second wave of coronavirus and bodies were seen floating in the river. Ganges “. he said.
On Adityanath accusing Congress of being a creator of terrorism, the congressional leader said that being the prime minister of India’s largest state, Adityanath is making cheap comments and there is no place for petty politicians in Indian politics.
“Yogi Adityanath is a cheap-minded person. There is nothing more, nothing less,” he said, asking if he knew that his ideologues were sitting on the lap of the British during the time of Independence.
“We have seen Mahatma Gandhi fall into the hands of a terrorist. We have lost Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and Beant Singh and many others … Who freed Maulana Masood Azhar? What deal has he made with the Taliban?” .
“One who killed Mahatma Gandhi was the first terrorist. India’s first terrorist is Nathuram Godse …” he said.

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