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congress: Finalise election panels by September 30, Congress tells Sidhu | India News


NEW DELHI: Eager to launch its ‘institutional mechanism’ for the next assembly elections in Punjab amid disruptive infighting in state unity, Congress has set a September 30 deadline for State President Navjot Singh Sidhu finalize the electoral committees for the approval of the central leadership.
For each election, the states of Congress prepare various panels such as the campaign committee, the manifesto committee, etc., which decide on the vision of future politics and plan the elections. In Punjab, however, the confrontation between Sidhu and the prime minister Amarinder Singh it has emerged as an obstacle to finalizing the process that marks the beginning of the electoral campaign.
Well-placed sources said that an exasperated AICC it has told the state unit that it must close the panels by September 30. They will then be sent to central management for approval and publication.
A key concern of the party is whether state unity will involve the multiple factions and leaders, so that the panels are participatory and inclusive. Such an approach is believed to quell disputes and signal to the electorate that Congress is approaching the elections in earnest.
With all the focus so far on the ‘Sidhu versus Amarinder’ headlines, Congress is eager for the party to move forward by taking concrete steps towards the preparation of the elections. “We have to announce the panels in the first week of September. It is important for the state unit to move forward, ”said a senior leader.
While Congress was confident of going to the polls in Punjab a few months ago, the sudden outbreak of dissent and factionalism created a crisis that ultimately led to Sidhu’s appointment as PCC boss. However, he has been unable to end the confrontation as Sidhu has focused on criticizing the state government and targeting the prime minister.
Repeated attempts to bring together the two top state leaders have failed, raising concerns among leaders about the party’s prospects. Congress faces an aggressive AAP campaign as Akali Dal It is also making a serious attempt to resurrect after the 2017 election debacle.

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