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BENGALURU: Two Congress officials were caught on camera speaking badly Karnataka President of the PCC DK Shivakumar and accusing him of being involved in corruption when he was minister in the HD Kumaraswa-my-led Congressional coalition governments of JD (S).
Hours after a video clip of the conversation went viral, Congress expelled the KPCC media coordinator MA Saleem and delivered a notice of demonstrative cause to the spokesperson and former deputy of Ballari VS Ugrappa, which must respond to the notification within three days. Shivakumar said: “Neither my party nor I have anything to do with the video. I am not saying that this conversation did not take place, but it is a private conversation between two people. ”
Saleem and Ugrappa, speaking minutes before a press conference scheduled at the KPCC office on Tuesday, were heard talking about Shivakumar’s alleged corruption. Although the microphone in front of them was turned off, they did not realize that the microphones of the television channels were on.
The talk was about some recent raids by the income tax department of three Karnataka contractors involved in irrigation and road projects. Shivakumar was the minister of irrigation in the Kumaraswamy Government.
“Before, there was a 6-8% cut (commission), but it went up to 10-12% during Shivakumar’s time. If the matter (TI investigation) deepens, his role (Shivakumar) will also come to light, ”Saleem tells Ugrappa in the recorded chat.
He added that many Shivakumar associates have made huge sums of money. “Mulagund (Shivakumar’s close aide) is worth 50 million rupees to 100 million rupees. Imagine how much (wealth) Shivakumar must have earned. He is a king of the collection, ”he said.
Saleem also investigated Shivakumar’s public speech, recalling his recent statement to the media in which he struggled to deliver Jallianwala Bagh. “He babbles while speaking in public. I don’t know if it’s due to low blood pressure or if he was drunk. His body language makes people think he’s a drunk, ”he said.
After the video went viral on Tuesday, Ugrappa said Saleem was only saying what BJP leaders have been talking about. “Shivakumar is a good manager and has a pro-people mindset. He made his wealth through business, not politics, ”he said.

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