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congress: RSS crushes women power: Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress Leader Rahul gandhi on Wednesday he criticized BJP-RSS and said the ruling BJP dispensation have diminished the powers of women.
Addressing the founding day, Rahul said that the ideology of Congress was completely opposite to that of the BJP-RSS and that only one of the two ideologies can rule the country.
Gandhi also unveiled a new Mahila Congress logo and flag design on the founding day of the All India Mahila Congress.
Gandhi claimed that the Modi government has seized power from the Goddess. Durga and goddess Lakshmi from the hands of farmers, workers and the poor and has given it to three or four people.
“They call themselves a Hindu party and across the country they attack Lakshmi and Durga. Wherever they go, they kill Lakshmi or Durga and then they say we are Hindus,” Gandhi alleged. The former head of Congress also alleged that the organization of the RSS it crushes the “power of women”, while the organization of Congress gives it a platform.
“Narendra Modi and the RSS did not appoint a female Prime Minister, Congress did. So for us, be it a woman, a man, a Dalit, an Adivasi, he or she can be from Bengal, Haryana or Punjab, they are all one. We only see one thing if the person is scared or not, if he is not scared, he is a congressman, if he is scared then we have to make him a congressman ”, he said.
“Today in India, there are 10-15 people who have the power of Durga and Lakshmi, they are friends of Modi ji. Ask the poor, go to the farmers’ houses, ask if they have money to celebrate Diwali, they will. they say they don’t have it, “he said.
The power of the goddess Durga that was in the hands of the people and one could say anything and criticize the ministers and prime ministers of Congress has now been taken away, Gandhi said.
The Congress leader claimed that the terms are dictated by the RSS-BJP to the universities and he cannot even visit them.
“The country must be told that Narendra Modi has attacked the power we call Lakshmi and the power we call Durga,” he told the workers and leaders of the Mahila Congress.
“Do not fight by displaying hatred, hatred is not our tool, love is our tool,” said the former head of Congress.
“The day we show hatred, we would have been scared and we would not be congressmen,” he added.

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