Contributions to the BJP increased 6% in fiscal 2020; Cong is down | India News


NEW DELHI: Contributions to BJP more than Rs 20,000 each totaled Rs 785.7 million in 2019-20, a modest 6% increase over the Rs 741.9 million declared by the party in 2018-19.
BJP donations were just over 4.5 times what Congress stated in its contribution report for 2019-20. Although BJP had submitted its contribution report for 2019-20 to the Electoral Commission in February, around the same time as Congress, it was uploaded to the EC website on Tuesday only.
Congressional donations in 2019-20 showed a drop from Rs 146.8 crore in 2018-19 to Rs 139 crore in 2019-20. Contributions received by BJP via electoral trusts totaled Rs 323.8 crore, of which Rs 217.7 crore came from Prudent Electoral Trust, Rs 45.9 crore from Jankalyan Electoral Trust, Rs 30 crore from New Democratic Electoral Trust, Rs 9 crore from AB General Electoral Trust, Rs 3.7 crore from Samaj Electoral Trust , 10.1 million rupees from Triumph Electoral Trust, 5.2 million rupees from Harmony Electoral Trust and 2 million rupees from Janhit Electoral Trust. Interestingly, the Progressive Electoral Trust, which was the largest contributor to political parties in 2018-19, is not on the list of declared donors by the BJP or Congress for 2019-20. Congress has declared contributions worth Rs 68 crore from electoral trusts in 2019-20, of which Rs 31 crore were from Prudent, Rs 25 crore from Jankalyan Electoral Trust and Rs 2 crore each from Samaj Electoral Trust and New Democratic Electoral Trust.


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