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Corning Gorilla Glass: Corning unveils Gorilla Glass to protect smartphone camera lens


Corning Incorporated has announced a new category for its scratch resistant and durable glass composite products: Corning Gorilla glass with DX and Corning Gorilla Glass with DX +. These have been developed to cover the smartphone camera lens and protect it from scratches, damage and also to reduce the loss of light entering the lens as reflections to ensure optimal light enters the lens for shooting.
“Applying this technology to cameras on mobile devices enables professional-level image capture by combining optical performance, scratch resistance and durability,” says Corning. Samsung will be the first customer to adopt Gorilla Glass DX products for camera lens covers, ”Corning said in a statement.
Corning claims that the latest technology will help capture 98% of the light that approaches the camera lens with the help of anti-reflective layers on the outside of the lens. The company says that the glass compounds will not only protect the camera lens, but will also enhance the capabilities of the camera’s design and help create high-quality images and videos.
“Anti-reflective coatings have long been used in conventional cameras to improve light capture,” said Jaymin Amin, vice president and general manager, Corning Gorilla Glass. “However, these coatings tend to scratch easily, which negatively affects image quality. Corning’s Gorilla Glass compounds not only provide mobile device camera lens covers with increased scratch resistance and durability compared to traditional coatings, but also the improved optical performance required for these devices. ”

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