Covid-19 vaccination should be like a surgical coup: Bombay HC to the Center | India News

Covid-19 vaccination should be like a surgical coup: Bombay HC to the Center |  India News

MUMBAI: Bombay High Court on Wednesday he said that the Center’s approach against COVID-19 it should be like a “surgical coup” rather than being on the borders waiting for the virus to come out.
A boss bench Justice Dipankar Datta and Judge GS Kulkarni said the central government is ‘close to home’ vaccination The scheme was like waiting for the virus carrier to get to the center.
“You will admit that Corona is your greatest enemy. You can reside in certain areas or certain people who cannot approach the center (CVC). His approach should be like a surgical coup, ” the bank said.
The HC said, “You are standing at the borders waiting for the virus carrier to come to you. You are not entering enemy territory. ”
The bank said: “The decision, if it had been made earlier, would have saved many more lives.”
The HC’s oral observations were made while listening to a public interest litigation (PIL) brought by two city attorneys, Dhruti Kapadia and Kunal Tiwari, who were seeking a door-to-door trial. politics for the vaccination program for seniors over 75 years of age, specially trained people and those who are in a wheelchair or bed.
“His government is for the people. You have to find out how Kerala has been handling it, ” the CJ-led bank told additional attorney general Anil Singh, who represented the central government, after Kapadia summoned and showed how the Kerala government was carrying out door vaccination. to door.
The bank commented “If Kerala can do it? if it was by permission of the Center? Have there been any cases of AEFI (adverse effect after vaccination)? If there are no adverse consequences … why shouldn’t other states do as well? ”.
For lead attorney Anil Sakhare representing the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the Bank said that a high-ranking politician had received the vaccine at his home in Maharashtra. “Who did it? We want to know,” the judges said.
Sakhare said he would seek instructions (from BMC officers) and be back in one day.
The HC said, “We want to know now. We want to find out what is what. Or the defense is that BMC has nothing to do with it and you have to ask the state government, ” said the HC.
The HC asked both BMC and the additional attorney for the state government, Geeta Shashtri, to find out who had administered the vaccine to the politician at his residence.
The HC also noted that the BMC had said that it was willing to carry out door-to-door vaccination if the Center allows it.
Noting an additional quote from the municipal commissioner in a newspaper that BMC had requested the Center’s permission to knock on the door, the HC asked Sakhare again if it was true. Sakhare said the BMC affidavit does not mention any such permission being requested.
“We have been saying that BMC is a model for others,” said the HC expressing some dismay that it was not willing to start such a campaign without the approval of the Center.
Kapadia said: “J&K is an excellent example and has given it to leprosy patients by riding two-wheelers as well. They are doing it, why can’t it be done in Mumbai? ”
Looking at a compilation he presented, the HC commented on examples of door-to-door knocks in Kerala, Jammu, Bihar and Odisha and even in other parts of Maharashtra, including the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation.
The CJ also asked the state and BMC, if it is being done in the south, east, north, “why not in the west?” “People’s feelings must also be taken into account,” added Judge Kulkarni.
The HC asked why these schemes should not be encouraged in other states.
“The central government cannot clip the wings of state governments and civic organizations that wish to do so (door-to-door vaccination) but are waiting for the approval of the Center,” said the HC.
The ASG said the Center will soon publish an amended policy, a uniform policy for all of India.
The bank said: “Center and State must leave no stone unturned in the steps that the Center and the State have initiated and the steps they propose to initiate.” He posted the matter next Friday.


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