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Covid outbreak in southeast China adds 22 cases


BEIJING: A province in southeast China has reported 22 more cases of Covid-19, bringing the total to 43 in a new outbreak caused by the highly communicable delta variant.
Health authorities said Monday that 15 cases were confirmed in Putian city in the last 24-hour period. Another six were found in Quanzhou Cityand one more in Xiamen, suggesting that the virus may be moving south from Putian.
All the infections are in Fujian province, which is off Taiwan on the east coast of China.
Schools have been closed in Putian and anyone leaving the city must have proof of a negative Covid-19 test in the previous 48 hours. The city suspended bus and train service on Saturday and has closed cinemas, bars and other facilities.
China has largely stopped the spread of Covid-19, but has sporadic outbreaks. An outbreak driven by the delta variant spread to several provinces in July and August, raising concerns about new and more contagious variants.

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