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NEW DELHI: Covid vaccines for private hospitals will be divided equally among the states in proportion to their population and will be distributed to individual hospitals or chains based on a formulation designed to ensure wide participation and distribution.
The 25% share of the total monthly national vaccine production, destined for private hospitals, will be assigned by the states and Union Territories to participating hospitals according to the respective quotas, a senior Union government official said here on Friday.

Under the new guidelines, states must “aggregate demand from private hospitals taking into account an equitable distribution between large and small private hospitals and regional balance.”
The Center will facilitate, based on aggregate demand, the supply of vaccines to private hospitals and payment through the National Health Authorityelectronic platform, the guidelines say. Authorities said exact protocols are being finalized, but the term “facilitate” does not mean that the Center buys the injections for distribution in private hospitals. Making payments through the NHA portal will be optional, the official clarified, adding that a hospital can pay manufacturers directly for assigned vaccines.
This system, which will come into effect on June 21, will mean that the largest chains and panindian presence, they cannot buy in bulk to distribute among their hospitals in different states. In each state, they must be part of the “aggregate demand” finalized by the government in question.
“Private hospitals are free to purchase (and pay the assigned fee) directly from vaccine manufacturers. However, for those hospitals, mainly the smaller ones, that cannot do so directly, the state or central government will facilitate and pay it will be done through the electronic platform of the National Health Authority ”, said the official.
The idea is to ensure an equitable distribution of vaccine doses across the country and between smaller private hospitals and those in remote areas, which do not have the adequate means to access and purchase vaccines directly from manufacturers.
Equitable distribution of stocks among private hospitals is considered crucial, as many hospitals were unable to participate in the vaccination campaign due to their inability to purchase products from manufacturers, either due to a lack of stocks or a relatively fewer number of injections needed. As a result, sessions in the private sector are mainly limited to metropolitan areas and Tier 1 cities.
Of the total of 42,704 sessions organized on Friday until 11:00 p.m., only 1,945 were in the private sector.
The government has also priced vaccination in private hospitals across the country based on the price quoted by the manufacturers and after including 150 rupees as a service charge. Private hospitals will charge Rs 780 for an injection of Covishield, Rs 1410 for Covaxin and Rs 1145 for Sputnik-V. This includes taxes and Rs 150 as a service charge.


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