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Cruelty by kin 30% of 3.7L ‘crime against women’ cases | India News


NEW DELHI: A significant 30% (more than 1.11 lakh) of all crime cases against women In the year of the pandemic, when there was a lot of concern for women struggling with domestic violence and abuse, it was linked to cruelty by the husband or family members.
The data on rape cases are equally concerning as the NCRB Crime In India, the 2020 report shows that there were 28,046 incidents of rape involving 28,153 victims and 2,655 were under the age of 18 and 291 of them were under 12. There were 219 incidents of murder with rape or gangrape involving 226 victims.
The report shows that the percentage of crime categories for cruelty by the husband and his relatives is almost the same as in 2019 when they accounted for 30.9% of all crimes against women. Similarly, the report shows that the trend of rape cases, which represents 7.5% of total cases in 2020, was similar to that of 2019, when 7.9% of all cases were rapes.
These figures are revealing, given that overall cases of crimes against women reflect a decrease of 8.3% from more than 4.05 lakhs of cases in 2019 to around 3.71 lakhs of cases in 2020. The data also shows That the crime rate recorded per lakh of female population is 56.5 in 2020 not only lower compared to 62.3 in 2019, but also lower than 58.8 in 2018.
Therefore, in the midst of this decline, the fact that cases of cruelty by the husband and his family continued to account for the majority of crimes against women is a cause for concern. The following major categories of crimes are related to “assault on women with the intention of outraging their modesty” with 23% and kidnapping and kidnapping of women with 16.8%. In 2019, the percentage of cases for both categories was 21.8% and 17.9% respectively.

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