Didi seeks ‘union of states’ to face BJP | India News

Didi seeks 'union of states' to face BJP |  India News

CALCUTTA: West Bengal CM Mamata banerjee on Tuesday he borrowed from Article 1 of the Indian Constitution to propose a “union of states” to stop BJP of the demolition of state governments run by other parties.
Banerjee’s call for other opposition parties to unite to prevent the BJP from “destroying federalism” and playing “dirty politics” came after a meeting at the secretary of state with Bharatiya Kisan Union Leader Rakesh tikait, who called her a “fit candidate for PM.”
Banerjee, however, played down the endorsement: “Forget my name. I don’t want to lead it. It is a collective family, let’s work together ”.
“The center did not have time to talk to farmers since January. His movement must gain momentum and all opposition leaders must unite for that. The farmers want all the CMs of the opposition parties to hold a video conference to support them. I will speak to our CMs. We will also issue a joint letter, ”Banerjee said.
The Bengal CM questioned the inability of the Narendra Modi government to implement a coherent vaccination policy and criticized it for imposing the GST on Covid vaccines, which it considered illegal and unethical, and called the pandemic “not just a natural disaster. but also a political disaster. ”
“This is playing with people’s lives,” he said.
“People have been left without work and many have died after they were denied oxygen and vaccines,” he added, questioning the delay in the implementation of the center of the vaccination campaign for young people between 18 and 44 years old.
“Many lives could have been saved. Why should the PM take credit for vaccination when the money spent belongs to the people and not to BJP? she said, thanking the Supreme Court for addressing the issue of free vaccination.
“Even now no one knows when the vaccines will arrive,” he said.


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