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djokovic: Sometimes, everybody cries: Novak Djokovic a winner with his vulnerability | Tennis News


Isn’t it a night owl? You must have been looking for the cell phone on Monday morning to confirm Novak Djokovicappointment with destiny. And then the shocking alarm that shakes you out of your stupor: LOST! IN STRAIGHT GAMES! You are surely floating in REM sleep.
Despite its turbulence in Tokyo, you were convinced that there was no way to stop this ‘machine’ designed to fly beyond limits. But the mask had slipped, leaving him gasping for air, an escape route. Yes, everyone hurts and sometimes … everyone cries.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise were Novak’s tears, his vulnerability; he’s human, right? Almost like the bullied child unable to cope with the call of history. In these times of pandemic, your uncertainty resonates. It makes him one of us, it makes him a face in the crowd. For all the silverware in his trophy room, Djokovic seeks love and acceptance. Sometimes when you lose, you also win.

Djokovic's Grand Slam offer thwarted when Medvedev wins US Open

Djokovic’s Grand Slam offer thwarted when Medvedev wins US Open

The Serbian has always been inspired by Billie Jean King’s authoritative statement “pressure is a privilege”. But bowing from time to time to a larger design isn’t necessarily a weak thing. In your own private space, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal You must have embraced these colors of the twisted kaleidoscope; the new US Open female champion Emma raducanustill a child, she had recovered from her harrowing withdrawal born of the expectations of her home at Wimbledon; Serena Williams, who should be in DjokovicThe shoes that haunted Margaret Court’s 24 bigwigs had recognized that that moment might never come.
Understanding that you are allowed to be nervous and tired is also a blessing. All heroes tend to be under the moral microscope and Djokovic has the ability to get under people’s skin. He’s the anti-vaxxer with a spiritual guru, the defiant howler who used to run with wolves, a racket buster known for accidentally hitting linesmen, a win-at-all-cost con artist who can occasionally afford the game, a frank anti-establishment figure, all no-us.

When he lost to Alex Zverev at the Olympics, there was almost a collective sigh of relief from a tennis world that had grudgingly admired his march into history.
Later, she withdrew from the mix saying her ‘body had said enough’ and was playing ‘on the meds’ with ‘abnormal pain and exhaustion’. Another act of deception, who knows?
At the US Open, the world No. 1 lost six sets in his lead-up to the final against Medvedev, playing 5 1/2 hours longer than his opponent. Despite the physical battles, no one expected this out-of-sync Djokovic to show up, sobbing under his towel after a brief show of endurance.

No calendar Grand slam, there is no 21 Major yet but an explosion of emotions. For now, love is all you need.

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