Don’t get China-made cars: Nitin Gadkari to Tesla | India News


NEW DELHI: Minister of Highways and Road Transport Nitin gadkari on Friday he said he had told the Americans Tesla do not sell “Made in China” electric cars in India. The minister said he has also urged the company led by Elon Musk to have its manufacturing unit in India and export from there. Gadkari’s comments reflect a caution about China following border tensions, even as trade continues in various areas.
“Whatever support you (Tesla) want, it will be provided by our government,” Gadkari said while addressing an event. Gadkari said he was holding talks with Tesla officials about the company’s lawsuit related to tax concessions.
Minister in favor of increasing the speed limit in NH to 140 km / h: On Friday the Minister of Roads, Nitin Gadkari, also proposed increasing the speed limit of vehicles on national roads and highways, saying that his ministry is in favor of increasing the maximum limit to 140 km / h, but the Supreme Court and the higher courts must be convinced of it.

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