ED: Maharashtra ex-minister Khadse generated Rs 50 lakh tainted cash | India News


MUMBAI: Former Minister of Finance of Maharashtra Eknath Khadse He had generated contaminated Rs 50 lakh money and layered it before sending it to his wife’s bank account for the fraudulent purchase of controversial MIDC land, the charge sheet recently filed by the Directorate of Enforcement against him said.
Khadse was finance minister in 2016, when he helped his wife Mandakini and son-in-law Girish Chaudhari buy land from the government after tampering with the registry.
On the charge sheet, the ED also named Deputy Registrar Ravindra Mule as one of the defendants. He had helped Khadse’s relatives reduce the market value of the land on the government record from Rs 23 million to Rs 3.7 million. The ED also accused Khadse of “accumulating Rs 50 lakh, received from various sources, including Rs 15 lakh in cash, from his bank account to that of his wife, claiming that it was not contaminated and he ultimately used Rs 38 lakh to buy the land. MIDC “.
Khadse’s relatives spent a total of 5.53 million rupees for the land transaction. Of the total expenses, Mandakini raised Rs 2.38 crore (Rs 2 crore that he obtained from a shell company, Benchmark Buildcon Pvt Ltd, as an unsecured loan and Rs 38 lakh of Rs 50 lakh that he received from Khadse).

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