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Everything you need to include in your bridal trousseau


Bridal gowns are a millenary tradition, a tradition that even the most modern brides adhere to. In simpler terms, a collection of items like clothing, jewelry and makeup that a bride puts together for her new home is a trousseau.

We reached out to Meha Bhargava, the founder of Styl Inc to help with a list of everything that should be part of your wedding trousseau.

Meha emphasizes the importance of putting together an efficient trousseau. She believes that a smooth trousseau is the anonymous hero of a smooth transition for a bride to her new role.

The general rule of thumb is to identify your budgets for each outfit, your lifestyle, that is, occasions and events in your new life, and of course, understand the silhouettes that flatter your body type, along with a wide range of colors to choose from. they are best suited to you based on your personal coloring. . Once you have them in place, it is a must have simplified process of assembling your trousseau.

Here is a compilation of all the essential elements of a wedding trousseau:


  • Silk Sari: No matter what time your trousseau is being set, a silk sari is an essential item that we can’t put enough emphasis on. You can have a range from Benarasis to Kanjeevarams depending on the weather conditions of your new home / city.
  • Pashmina: A shawl is an investment. Like a Birkin, it will not only always be luxurious, but also something that you can wear for decades.
  • Chikankari: Chikankari is the most elegant answer to all your questions about what to wear. It is available in countless silhouettes and there is a chikankari outfit for every occasion.
  • Silhouettes: a wide range of silhouettes, from the always flattering anarkali, to shararas, ghararas, long kurta with palazzos, the options are endless, however, knowing your body shape and what suits you best is where the challenge would be.
  • Jewelry – Unlike your wedding week, it is best to have some faux jewelry on hand in addition to the heirlooms that can be best paired with your Indian clothing. Some interesting pieces of earrings, fun necklaces, etc. they can do the trick.
  • Shoes: Juttis is the most modern and comfortable accessory for your Indian clothing, you can also work with gold / silver / copper platforms if you belong to the 5.3 ‘and under club.
  • Clutch / Potli: Either you are a clutch person or a potli person. No matter who, always invest in at least one of them. They are the perfect finishing touch for all your Indian clothing.

Western / Casual:

  • Smart Casual: Including smart casual wear in your wardrobe is a smart choice. Post your wedding, there will be a series of dinners where you obviously want to look your best.
  • Cluster: it is not easy to transport your entire closet in one day. Therefore, it is best to create a group of clothes that are interchangeable and versatile.

Personal care and grooming:

Start building your skincare kit from scratch, your CTM comes first, then add extras like oils and masks.

You will need makeup for all last minute dinner plans. Therefore, always keep your holy grail makeup products a priority for your trousseau.

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