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Neha Dhupia and her husband Angad Bedi welcomed her second child, a baby, last week. The actress who is healthy and friendly after the smooth delivery process is doing her best to catch up with her routine life. However, with two children at home, she is definitely having a hard time. Although that hasn’t stopped the workaholic from going back to her sessions. Within five days of delivery, he fired for two projects from the confines of his home. While chatting with Bombay Times, Neha talks about balancing work and personal life, finding an appropriate name for the child, and how her first pregnancy experiences are helping her keep postpartum stress at bay.

It has been a week since you welcomed your second child. Has the feeling that you are now the mother of two children sunk?

Our baby was due to arrive on October 7, but he arrived on October 3. I guess he was in a hurry because he arrived a few days earlier. You know, when experienced people told me that having a second child would be twice as hectic as having just one, I didn’t know they really meant it! With two babies to care for, now everything has to go twice as fast. There is no time left for you, as when one child sleeps, the other wakes up. Breastfeeding is another ball game altogether, as you do it every three hours. So ideally I am feeding my baby during the day and at night after every three hours. The hardest thing is the night, since every time I go to sleep he wakes up and I feed him again.

How has the older brother, Mehr, reacted to this new development in the family? How are you dealing with the balance of attention between two children as parents?

Mehr simply knows that a baby has come to the house. Just a couple of days ago she took her brother on her lap. As a child, she simply balanced between being affectionate towards him and being mischievous at the same time. The other day he was fast asleep on his cot when she came in and screamed loudly and woke him up. As parents, we had decided that from the moment the baby arrived we would devote most of our attention to Mehr. That’s because, at their age, they wonder why the two people who loved them with all their hearts are actually dividing time between themselves and the other person. So we are very conscious of not letting you feel out of place at all. Although I finally know that we will divide into teams … two against two. I have a feeling that it will be Angad and Mehr against me and our little baby. The first two are simply inseparable. When Mehr doesn’t see Angad at home for a long time, he literally behaves like a fish out of water.

You are one of those Bollywood actresses who set the example of going back to work shortly after giving birth. Post your first pregnancy, after a few days you returned to work. When do you plan to return to work this time?

On the ninth day, after Mehr’s birth, I went back to work. This time I went back to work on the sixth day after delivery. Yes, I already did two shoots at home. With the baby around, the team had to do their tests and only then did they enter the house. Personally, I think that if you want a break, it is important that you do it, as recovery is very important. Childbirth takes a lot out of you. Is not easy. So my advice is to give yourself time to recover. It’s just that I really like what I do and wanted to get back to work as soon as possible that I started working. Options like working from home have proven to be a great blessing today. Work is holy to me. I have worked my way up and there is a long way to go. I feel like my entire career has been about being relevant at all times, without being extremely successful or invisible.

By the time she gave birth to her first child, she had opened up about her postpartum stress. How are you dealing with the phase this time?

I’m still getting used to breastfeeding one more time at night as it can be quite lonely when you wake up when everyone is sleeping. Postpartum is something I still don’t see enough women or new moms talking about. I think people should reach out to people on this topic. Anything can trigger it, like looking at your body after delivery, once your baby comes out, you feel so empty or left out, things like breastfeeding at night or not being able to sleep or not knowing what to do when crying. baby in your arms. These are the things that I am aware of now and therefore I will not allow myself to be disturbed. My experiences are my own saviors. Very consciously I talk to myself and I do not indulge in that. Right now I’m holding up well and I’m absolutely fine. Going back to your everyday life earlier makes it a lot easier. Appreciating yourself as a mother is very important and I feel that every new mother should do this, like when you look in the mirror, just appreciate your body that has given you life and don’t be hard on yourself. So whether you have stitches or stretch marks or a few more inches around you … own it, because what you’ve made, no one else can.

Have you two come up with a name for your son?

Mehr already has a cute nickname for him, which I’m not going to share right now (laughs!). When it comes to parents, there has been a constant battle between us as both Angad and I have come up with a name. He is too uncompromising with my choice of name. May the best name win! As a family, we only seek to have an appropriate name for the child. Mehr also got its name very naturally and organically. At the end of each message, his grandfather (Angad’s father) wrote Guru Mehar Kare and that is how we took Mehr as his name. Meanwhile, Angad and I had a great time fixing up the room for our little one. Although I had a theme in mind, which was the circus, I chose a French theme. The decoration consists of hot air balloons, little foxes and bunnies. We have a Simba rug as Mehr is obsessed with cartoons. His bunk is right next to his little brother’s.

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