Faceoff: Can Modi government tackle India’s looming power crisis amidst coal shortage? | India News


NEW DELHI. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Tuesday reviewed coal positions in thermal power plants as the government sought ways to defuse the energy crisis facing several states, amid persistent concerns over power shortages and disruptions. .

The PMO jumped into action after several states reported alarmingly low carbon stocks, with some resorting to load shedding. The Coal Ministry has been asked to increase the supply of coal, while the railways have been asked to make rakes available to transport the fuel to power plants, the sources said.

In the midst of this, opposition parties like the NCP have pointed their weapons at Modi the government holds it responsible for the current coal shortage in the country.

While the global coal shortage is cited as one of the reasons behind India’s looming energy crisis, netizens debated whether the Modi government was competent enough to quickly normalize the situation.

‘Coal mines face problems every year after the monsoon’

‘Coal imports will increase’

‘Coal shortage affects the poor and benefits the rich’

‘BJP is misleading the public’

‘Modi government pushes India into darkness’

‘Why couldn’t they foresee it?’

‘State governments should be blamed for non-payment of quotas Coal India

‘Another U-turn by Kejriwal

‘Does Center plan to monetize Coal India?’

‘Minister of power in nail mode’

‘Failures of both Congress and BJP ‘

Maharashtra government managing the crisis’

‘Do your bit’

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