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firozabad medical college: UP: Girl dies waiting at hospital; dengue toll 120 | India News


AGRA: Savanya gupta, 5 years old, died after “four hours” of waiting to be admitted to the Firozabad Faculty of Medicine on Monday afternoon. She had arrived with a high fever and a falling platelet count, symptoms of the dengue outbreak that has killed 120 in Firozabad so far. The hospital said it had “not received any formal complaints” about the death.
“We took her to the hospital around 8 am. We informed the hospital staff of his condition, but they did nothing. We waited four hours for them to admit it. She died in front of me. She would have been fine if she had received treatment on time, “said her father. Ajit gupta, an entrepreneur said.
The hospital administration said it is adding beds. It has 650 as of now. “We do not receive any formal complaint about the death of a patient while awaiting treatment. We are increasing the number of beds to accommodate the growing number of patients, ”said Firozabad Medical College Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Hansraj singh, said.
Health department officials confirmed that Firozabad has had at least 500 cases of dengue so far. Some cases of malaria, scrub typhus, and leptospirosis have also been reported. Sources said that the Firozabad Medical College has an 18-bed emergency room, which now has 34 critically ill patients. Two-thirds of all dengue patients are children, the sources added.
Several families like Savanya’s had to deal with the consequences of the reduction in hospital space. A daily bet Netra Pal Singh, said his 10-year-old daughter died on the way to Agra from Firozabad. “He had a high fever for two days. His condition deteriorated Monday morning. I took her to the Firozabad School of Medicine but they did not admit her because there was no bed. The employees suggested that I take her to Agra. He died on the way. ”
Shyamveer, a labor contractor, was filling out paperwork when his son died. “I had to wait two hours before I could get a bed. When I completed the paperwork, my 5 month old son died. The hospital staff asked me to take him. They did not provide a hearse. ”
Firozabad’s marketing director Dinesh Kumar Premi said the district has 64 camps serving 4,800 people, including those with a fever. Sources said an estimated 12,000 people in the district are bedridden with a fever.

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