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Flipkart daily trivia quiz September 13, 2021: Get answers to these questions and win gifts, discount vouchers and Flipkart Super coins


Walmart Property Flipkart is back with another edition of his daily trivia quiz. The questionnaire offers participants the opportunity to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super Coins.
To win these awards, it is necessary to correctly answer all the questions in the quiz. Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz has five questions based on general knowledge and currency.
The questionnaire is available in the Playground section. Each question has four options to choose the correct answer.
Only the first 50,000 participants will be eligible for the contest prize.
Here are five questions from today’s quiz along with their respective answers.

  1. In the television series Friends, what is Chandler’s last name?
  2. Which of these actresses played a double role in your debut film?
    Deepika padukone
  3. The Hollywood movie starring Tom Hanks ‘Sully’ is about the emergency landing of a plane in the
    Hudson River
  4. Which 1993 Tamil film did director S. Shankar make his debut with?
  5. Which of these Shah Rukh Khan films did not win the Filmfare Award for Best Picture?

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