Flipkart staff get unlimited medical coverage

Flipkart staff get unlimited medical coverage

BENGALURÚ: Flipkart has introduced one of the most progressive health insurance and family support programs in the Indian industry.
Ecommerce Pioneer Offers Unlimited Health Insurance For Its Full-Time Employees, An Update politics covering all medical expenses and the cost of hospitalization, without the employees having to pay any premium for it. Flipkart employs more than 15,000 full-time employees in India. The new policy will continue even in the post-pandemic world.
The family support policy is for bereaved employees, and the benefit will be implemented retroactively from April of last year, regardless of the reason for death. The deceased employee’s family will receive life coverage worth five times the employee’s CTC, along with a notice period in accordance with their contracts. It also supports the educational needs of up to two children of deceased employees with Rs 1.2 lakh a year per child. This support will extend until the children turn 22 years old.
Flipkart told TOI that unlimited health insurance extends only to full-time employees and covers all health-related problems that require medical treatment regardless of the cost of treatment.


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