Garena announces Dussehra Dhamaka Free Fire tournament on Booyah


Garena has announced Dussehra Dhamaka, a completely new party Free shot tournament in BOOYAH!
BOOYAH! is an all-in-one platform for live streaming and game video, developed and launched by Garena.
This tournament will feature 48 BOOYAH! streamers for a prize pool of US $ 3,000 (INR Rs 2,26,213.50) on October 15 and 16 starting at 3 pm IST on both days.
The tournament will also feature top streamers like Jonty Gaming, X-Mania, Instagamer, TripleR, and Gaming Girl, among others.

The latest BOOYAH! It includes a multi-perspective that allows viewers to exit the main stream and follow the point of view of their favorite broadcaster, for the first time in India.
Viewers who tune in also have a chance to earn rewards like Free Fire Emotes, Weapon Crates, Weapons, and Diamond Royale Vouchers.
Game rules
The tournament follows the classic Battle Royale format and will be played for 6 matches each day. The winners for each day will be determined according to the point system. Each team will have 2 streamers and a +1 that can be a spectator, a mod or even a friend.
Streamers will have to work in a mixed team mode to get as many kills as possible, given that the point system leans towards kill points over location points. Expect non-stop action as streamer teams aggressively push each other during the showdown.
The multiple perspective of BOOYAH!
The Dussehra Dhamaka event presents the latest feature of BOOYAH! – Multiperspectivity. Viewers in India can get off the main stream and follow their favorite broadcaster’s point of view on BOOYAH!
All you have to do is click on the ‘eye’ icon on the BOOYAH! India channel and select your favorite transmitter to watch. A total of 12 teams will participate per day, with 2 streamers per team, that is, 24 streamers per day.
Viewers who tune in will have a chance to win prizes like Free Fire emotes, Gun Crates, Weapons, and Diamond Royale coupons if they watch the broadcast for 30 minutes.

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