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NEW DELHI: The IT interface for Gati Shakti’s Master Plan will capture all the details of existing and future projects and will also highlight gaps for the last mile or missing connectivities, sources said.
The officials said a detailed presentation on the IT interface and data capture was made to officials and private sector representatives on Wednesday after the prime minister. Narendra modi released the scheme. TOI has learned that the implementation of the scheme will also be monitored at three levels, including the level of a top panel headed by the cabinet secretary.
“One of the key focus areas will be tracking progress and troubleshooting, as there is a strict timeline for executing the plan. Currently, the biggest challenge is closing the gap and completing the missing link between the different infrastructure projects. The data and details provided by all agencies in the system will be crucial. There is also an approach to involve the states, ”said one official.
Like the multimodal connectivity The plan will focus on moving from “disjointed planning” to “integrated planning” of centrally sponsored infrastructure projects, officials do not rule out that the government will also adjust plans to meet the requirement. Although the government has not specified the size of the program in financial terms, it will subsume the 110 lakh crore rupees. National infrastructure pipeline, which was launched by the prime minister in 2019.

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