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Geeta Basra’s First Interview after son’s birth: I’d decided on his name while I was carrying our daughter – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News


Geeta Basra She is back home after giving birth to her second child, a son. Harbhajan Singh is dancing in the hallways. A few minutes ago, he spoke exclusively with ETimes.

Excerpts from the conversation:


Thank you! We are very happy, knock on wood!

Did you want a daughter or a son this time?

Just a healthy child. If she had been a daughter again, she would have gotten another best friend. He is a son and now Harbhajan has a best friend. But yes, I must tell you that I had the intuition that I would have a child while carrying Hinaya.

Have you completed your purchases: clothes, toys?

Yes. Kapdon mein toh problem nahin hota, unisex things easily thousand jaata hai and it’s pretty standard.

Normal or cesarean section?

Normal. But it was a very nice experience. I am very grateful for the group of doctors and their staff who treated me. However, it was a bit difficult in the time of my Hinaya (first son, daughter).

Did you and Harbhajan think of a name for the newborn?

Yes, and Harbhajan and I will announce it in a day or two. It’s the name he’d thought of when he wore HInaya five years ago.

Does it start with H or G?

None (laughs).

What do you call it now?

I call him Chottu and Harbhajan calls him Shera.

Were your parents close?

No, my mom wanted to fly from London but had to cancel the tickets at the last minute due to COVID-19. Harbhajan’s sister has been with us since our second baby came into this world and she is a great help.

Was Harbhajan in the delivery room?

Oh yeah, from the word ‘Go’. I was taking pictures. Love children. Has played a lot with Sourav Ganguly Y Sachin Tendulkarchildren.

Did you do a bhangra?

(Laughs) Actually, no. But yes, I was in the clouds immediately after seeing the baby. Since then, he has been so happy that it has to be seen to be believed.

What is Hinaya’s reaction?

Oh, she constantly looks at her brother like he’s a toy and has become very responsible.

I’m sure Harbhajan would want his son to be a cricketer. Bhaji (as Harbhajan is affectionately called) played so wonderfully for India …

Who wakes up at night to change diapers?

Largely Harbhajan. Before I can even tell you, he’s standing next to our son.

Get ready to see your husband and son playing cricket in the backyard …

It will be a beautiful sight.

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