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NAGPUR: A man in his 20s abducted a 15-year-old boy from Indiramata Nagar in Nagpur on Thursday and took him to a nearby forest where he stoned him to death, before cutting his wrist with a scalpel.
The man, Suraj Sahu, he did it to take revenge on the victim’s family, who had transferred his childhood friend, with whom he was in love, to Varanasi, where he married. The victim was the girl’s cousin. Sahu he had demanded as ransom from the family of the victim, Raj Pandey, a photograph of his uncle after he was beheaded. Sahu claimed that Pandey’s uncle had raped his mother six years ago and that Sahu was injured in a traffic accident. On Friday, policeman presented Sahu to a court that left him in custody until June 14. Pandey was killed even as family and friends continued to negotiate with Sahu with false hope. During the negotiations, Pandey was heard howling into the recorded audio clip, pleading with his mother and others to release him. After failing to convince Sahu, Pandey’s family and friends rushed to seek police help, but by then it was too late. Police claimed that Sahu continued to negotiate while concealing the murder. Police said Sahu also described to the boy’s family how he was torturing the teenager by gagging him, hanging him from a tree and leaving him breathless.


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