google: Google brings Pocket Gallery AR art museum to web


Google Pocket gallery launched in 2018, but was limited to only AR-capable smartphones to access and view artwork from the art museum. The company is not going a step further and has brought the feature to the web.
What this means is that everyone who wants to access the Google Pocket Gallery no longer requires an AR-enabled smartphone. Pocket Gallery can now be accessed via the web on any device with or without AR support.
The feature was only accessible via AR-enabled smartphones and Google’s Art & Culture app. Additionally, users must find a flat surface such as a table or floor to explore the gallery.
Now, users only need to visit the Google Arts and Culture website to access the Pocket Gallery section. They can choose an exhibit and browse it directly in the web browser. Users will also have the option to move the image with the mouse, scroll up and down, or zoom in and out.
Some exhibits will also feature an audio guide that will inform users about the highlights of the exhibits.
Apart from that, Google has also introduced a new exhibition to the collection in collaboration with Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais (Rmn-GP) in France. The exhibition includes a guided visit to maritime tales, stormy landscapes and light-bathed coasts.
How to access Google Pocket Gallery on the web
Visit ‘’ in Google Chrome
From the home page, choose any exhibition you want to visit.
You can now scroll down to tour the guided tour.

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