google maps: Google Maps users complain about random “Indian” accent, here’s what Google has to say


If you are a google maps user and have experienced the playing of an unknown voice at the time of navigation, then you are not alone. Multiple users of Google Maps have pointed out on Twitter and Reddit that the app changes your navigation voice randomly in the middle of navigation.
In describing his voice, one Reddit user said it “sounded like a deep man’s voice with a slight Indian accent”, while one Twitter user called it “a voice from the East Indies.”
The extent of this error is not known at the moment, that is, if it is affecting users globally or only in certain regions. However, Google responded to these complaints and acknowledged the error through its official Google Maps Twitter account.
“The team is working on a solution and it will be implemented soon. Thank you for your patience, ”the company said.

Recently, Google Maps made it mandatory for its users to accept Google’s new crowdfunding feature to allow them to use its turn-by-turn navigation feature.
Google started displaying a message that reads: “As you navigate, Google collects details, such as your GPS location and the route you took. This data can be used to make information, including real-time traffic conditions and disruptions, visible. for others and help them find the fastest route. ”
This means that when a user uses Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, the application collects data to help reflect the world in real time for everyone. The data that is used includes the GPS location, the mode of transportation, the navigation details such as the route you took, the data from the sensors of your devices, such as the barometer.
If users disagree with the crowdsourced navigation data, then they will not get turn-by-turn navigation or voice feedback. Instead, they will get step-by-step instructions in static form.

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