Google may include Digital Car Key support in the next Play Services update


Google formed the Android SE Alliance to increase the popularity and adoption of digital car keys and driver’s licenses to be stored on the device in March 2021.
Later in May, Google officially announced that it would finally join Apple and start adding Digital car key support in the Android 12 to help unlock a car compatible with your phone.
XDA developers report that there are several new references related to digital car key functionality in the latest Google Play Services update (v21.39.15).
There is no official announcement regarding the release of this new update, but it can be assumed that it will be presented when Android 12 stable is available on Pixel devices.
Once it is rolled out to devices that support a future Google Play Services update, users will see an update notification to help them configure the feature. Tapping the notification will bring up a pop-up window saying: “This will install the digital car key service on your phone. You will receive a notification in a few minutes to continue configuring your password. ”
The XDA developers highlighted that the Car’s Digital Keys feature will use NFC to help unlock a vehicle.
Feature may only support select mobile devices and in specific regions at launch. Although, this will soon spread to other regions in the coming months as it expands.
All digital car keys can be safely stored in Google Pay. The feature will use both NFC and UWB to safely unlock a car.
The next feature is expected to be available for both Pixel devices and select Samsung Galaxy devices.

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