Government aims to make forensic teams’ site visit mandatory in crimes that attract over 6-year jail: Amit Shah | India News


PANAJI: Minister of the Interior of the Union Amit shah On Thursday, he said the government aims to make it mandatory for forensic teams to visit the scene of crimes that carry prison terms of more than six years.
He also said there is a shortage of skilled manpower in the forensic science field, which affects conviction rates and leads to backlog of cases.
Shah was addressing a meeting at the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the National University of Forensic Sciences (NFSU) in the village of Dharbandora in South goa.
“We need to create fear in the minds of hardened criminals that they will be behind bars. To do this, you need a manpower trained in forensic science, which is in short supply,” he said.
The objective is to ensure that the visit of the forensic team is mandatory for crimes that carry more than six years in prison, he added.
“To do this, we should have teams in all 600 districts of the country. In all districts, there should be smaller forensic science laboratories and at each level of SP deputy, there should be a mobile forensic van,” said the minister.
To install this type of infrastructure, 30,000 to 40,000 people are required, he said.
“How can we create such an infrastructure? That is why we need institutions that provide forensic education,” Shah said.
He said that the world’s first forensic science university was conceived in Gujarat when Narendra modi he was the prime minister.
“I am honored to have been Minister of the Interior (of Gujarat) at that time in his cabinet and even now when the National University of Forensic Sciences is launched, I am Minister of the Interior, “he said.

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