Govt must take strong steps against Pak and China, or else they will pose threat to India’s existence: Shiv Sena | India News


MUMBAI: In the midst of tensions in the Royal Line of Control (LAC), the Shiv Sena on Wednesday he said that if the central government does not take firm action, China and Pakistan will unite and pose a threat to India’s very existence.
Referring to the BJP, without taking its name, as the ‘Political Company of the East Indies’ ‘, the party in its spokesperson’Saamana‘he said while China continues to resort to incursions, India is busy in talks.
The party also called China “the main imperialist nation.”
In the context of the recent attacks on Hindus and Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir, the editorial said with Narendra modi in power in the Center, the Hindus have fled the Valley. This does not correspond to a party like the BJP defending the cause of Hindutva, he said.
“The prime minister, the interior minister and the defense minister must understand the pain of these people,” the Marathi publication said.
He said after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, there has been an increase in violent incidents in Kashmir. Referring to the confrontation between the Indian and Chinese armies, he said there have been 13 rounds of talks to diffuse the situation, but that it has had little success.
“The officers of the People’s Liberation Army drag out the talks, but in the end they do what they want. China is not ready to accept any constructive change, ”the editorial noted.
He claimed that everything Pakistan has been doing in Kashmir is supported by China. The “undemocratic” forces in power in Afghanistan also have the backing of Beijing, he added.
“If the government does not take tough measures, China and Pakistan will unite and pose a threat to the very existence of India. The East India Political Company in the country should understand this, ”said Sena.
India and China have failed to make progress in resolving the 17-month clash at the remaining sticking points in eastern Ladakh, and the Indian military said on Monday that the “constructive suggestions” made by it in the latest round of military talks they weren’t pretty. Nor could Beijing provide any “forward-looking” proposal to the Chinese side.
In a strong statement following Sunday’s thirteenth round of talks that ended in stalemate, the Army also said that the situation throughout LAC had been caused by “unilateral attempts” by the Chinese side to alter the status quo and that it is necessary for China to take appropriate measures to restore peace in the region.

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