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NEW DELHI: Expressing concern over the recent killing of civilians, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar abdullah on Wednesday he said “everyone feels unsafe,” and called on the administration to give people a sense of security that cuts across religions.
Noting that the terrorist attacks in the Union Territory 28 civilians crossing religious borders had been killed this year, Abdullah, who is the vice president of the National conference (NC), at the same time, hoped that there would not be a new exodus of pandits and Sikhs from Kashmir, who had been targeted in recent days.
“We must all do our best to ensure that we do not see a further exodus of minorities from Kashmir,” he said, adding that no community feels safer than the other.
“Everything that can be done should be done to stop this and restore a sense of security in these communities. Obviously, the administration has to do most of this work, but as the majority community, we also take some of that responsibility. We must deliver. with that responsibility, ”he told PTI in an interview here.
Punishing the administration for trying “to win propaganda and public relations victories instead of focusing on the realities on the ground”, Abdullah called on the authorities to “carefully examine why we have gotten where we have come.”
Abdullah, however, refrained from calling the recent attacks an intelligence failure, saying: “… I think it is the failure to act on intelligence. That is a failure that cannot be blamed on the intelligence. police because counter-militancy operations are carried out by police, paramilitaries and military. It is the collective failure of our counterinsurgency network. ”
He reasoned that in recent months there had been talk of targeted attacks against minorities, particularly Kashmiri pandits.
“So obviously, if someone like me, who has no association or anything like that with the government and is not aware of any intelligence reports, if he could listen to this, then I’m sure the intelligence agencies would too. they detected and if they have, they would have passed it on to the people they care about, “he said.
Expressing concern for locals joining various terrorist groups, he said that this is an issue that should concern the government and political parties.
“I am not aware of the statistics, I do not know the numbers, but from my own colleagues, I understand that this trend continues and it is not a trend limited to a particular area, we hear these reports from South, Central and North Kashmir,” he said. .
“It is something that should concern us and again it is up to the government to create the necessary conditions so that these young people are not attracted to the idea of ​​taking up a weapon,” he added.
Abdullah recalled the prime minister’s statement Narendra modi on June 24 this year to eliminate “dil ki doori and Dilli ki doori” (eliminate the distance between hearts and between Delhi and Srinagar) and suggested: “If we take some concrete steps in this direction, even this move towards union of militant tanzeems, I think we can greatly reduce it. We may not be able to eradicate it but we can reduce it. ”
Abdullah, however, warned against arresting people across the valley, saying: “We have to be very careful not to have knee-jerk reactions. Reactions for the sake of reacting, just because we have to show something, we do this.”
“I’m sure I have no doubt that perhaps these more than 400 people have some kind of file with the government, for whatever reason, whether they were involved in the stoning, linked to outlawed organizations. The fact is, are they directly connected to this attack or is there some link between them and this attack? ”
“If there is, by all means go ahead and press charges and let the courts decide guilt, but this kind of senseless and random arrest does not help the situation and actually makes the situation worse,” Abdullah said. he said while answering a question about the recent police crackdown in Kashmir and the arrest of more than 400 people.
He said that the government should be very careful and should not be seen as engaging in revenge activities. Instead, it should be seen as an organization or as an “entity that dispenses justice by all means,” he said.
Abdullah, who was the prime minister of the former state for six years between 2009 and 2014, was able to cleanse central and northern Kashmir of terrorists and their supporters.
When asked if he was discouraged because the place had been infested again by terrorists, he said: “Discouraged is perhaps a strong term, disappointed and worried, yes, because we know that the militants are moving in areas that have been free of militancy.” .
“The city of Srinagar was completely free of militancy. The same is the case with the districts of Ganderbal and Budgam. It is disappointing, but again the government needs to look carefully at why these areas have been reoccupied and then see what corrective measures the government needs. The corrective measures that are not at everyone’s expense, they know that they have to be very careful in the way they carry out their activities, “he said.
Abdullah claimed that the situation in Afghanistan would have no impact on the security situation in Kashmir other than the clear possibility that “it may act as a moral stimulus for terrorist groups operating in the Union Territory.”

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