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Govt seeks to tweak law on states’ OBC lists | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has submitted a proposal to amend the 102nd Constitutional Amendment Act to void the May 5 law Supreme Court judge and restore the rights of states to identify CBOs for the “state list” of castes eligible for Mandal reservations in education and employment under state governments.
Well-located sources said that the Ministry of Social Justice has moved the Cabinet note. The rapid movement means that the bill can be introduced in the current monsoon session. If so, it could be part of a strategy to break the lockdown of Parliament opposition proceedings for the Pegasus spy scandal. Given the sensitivity of the issue and the rights of the states involved, neither Congress nor regional parties can afford to block the bill. Therefore, you can restore normalcy in Parliament.
However, the broader political objective of the Center is to assure CBOs that their rights, such as those on state lists, are not being undermined. The move comes after the prime minister Narendra modi emphasized the OBC representation in the recent Cabinet reshuffle along with women, SC and ST. The proposal is known to have suggested specific changes to the Law to clarify that the state lists and the central list of CBOs are separate and under the jurisdiction of the respective governments, as had been the case prior to the SC ruling. The high court also rejected a government appeal against the order in early July. Although it confirmed said Law (102) in the case of the Maratha reserve, the CV held that its provisions implied that the CBOs for the states and the central lists had to be identified by the President (Center) based on the recommendations of the National comission for late classes.

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