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Govt to launch portal to enable online registration under PM-Cares scheme for children orphaned in pandemic due to Covid-19 | India News


NEW DELHI: The government is preparing to launch a portal that proposes to enable online registration and tracking of applications with due security precautions under the “PM-Cares for Children Program”. The scheme seeks to provide long-term support to children who have lost both parents, surviving parent, legal guardian or adoptive parents due to Covid-19 since the pandemic gained momentum in March 2020.
The “PM cares about children“The plan seeks to support the child through a convergent approach, a funding gap to ensure education, a monthly stipend at the age of 18 and a lump sum of Rs 10 lakh upon turning 23.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the support plan under the plan on May 29. Since the Ministry of Women’s and Child Development is the nodal ministry for anchoring the plan in collaboration with states and districts, this dedicated portal developed by National Computer Center will also be managed by the WCD Ministry. The portal will allow applicants to register and access information regarding updating their application through secure login procedures.
Separate login facilities are proposed to allow key stakeholders such as child welfare committees and district magistrates to access the portal. A manual has also been prepared to help fill in the child’s details to allow a clear understanding of the registration process. The portal shared with the states for testing is likely to be officially launched at any time, the sources said.
According to the scheme, a corpus of Rs 10 lakh will be created in the form of a fixed deposit in the name of the child. This corpus will be used to provide them with a monthly stipend for five years when they turn 18. This stipend will be given to you to meet your personal needs during your higher education period. At age 23, each child will receive the corpus amount as a lump sum for personal and professional use.
This measure is cited as a step that will allow the child to have the necessary financial support when he leaves school and be an adult who can make decisions regarding his future.
Meanwhile, the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights has been collecting data sent by states in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Court regarding children who have lost one or both parents during the pandemic. This also includes those children who had not lost their parents due to Covid-19. In the last affidavit filed in SC, the count of affected children was 30,071 and of these 3,621 were orphans, 26,176 had lost a single parent and 274 children were classified as abandoned. This is not the final number as states have been sending and updating data.

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