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Govt: Undercounting reports fallacious | India News


NEW DELHI: The government said Thursday that it is “totally fallacious” to assume all excess mortality figures as coronavirus deaths and refuted reports that Covid-19 deaths in the country were “highly underestimated.”
Furthermore, the extrapolation of deaths has been done on the bold assumption that the probability of an infected person dying is the same in all countries. Center aggregate. While some cases could go unnoticed under the principles of infectious diseases and their management, losing deaths is “unlikely” given the country’s robust and statute-based death registration system, the Health Ministry said. TNN
government rejects reports citing studies on tolls in the US and Europe
Excess mortality is a term used to describe an all-cause mortality figure and attributing these deaths to Covid-19 is completely misleading, ”the Health Ministry said.
“In these news reports citing findings from recent studies, age-specific infection death rates for the United States and European countries have been used to calculate excess deaths in India based on seropositivity. The extrapolation of deaths has been carried out on the bold assumption that the probability that an infected person dies is the same in all countries, ruling out factors such as race and the genomic makeup of a population, “he added.

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