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NEW DELHI: Climate, energy, water and green finance will dominate the first face-to-face summit between India and Denmark when the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen meets with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. This is the first foreign head of government to physically visit India since February 2020. It is also the first summit to focus on “green” as the strategic focus of the future.
India and Denmark are expected to sign four agreements on skills development, where Danish entities would help Indians acquire new age skills to thrive in a green economy; an intellectual property rights agreement that will seek to protect India’s traditional knowledge; a pact to map India’s groundwater and aquifers that will help address India’s water stress situation and an agreement with IISc, Bangalore to develop carbon dioxide as a cooling agent, moving away from greenhouse gases that are currently use.
The sources said that the two prime ministers will oversee nearly seven trade agreements between Indian and Danish companies that will cover river rejuvenation, green hydrogen, reduce the carbon footprint of cement production, etc.
Freddy Svane, Danish ambassador to India, told reporters: “We are preparing for the greenest summit in history.” Officials said Denmark is becoming India’s preferred partner, and the summit is billed as a model for a close relationship between developed and developing countries.
Climate issues are likely to dominate discussions, particularly in the run-up to the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November. India will showcase its ambitious 450GW renewable energy targets, while Denmark will showcase its catalog of green financing technologies, processes and sources that could help India get there. For Denmark, India provides the scale for its technologies and skills, catapulting it to an entirely different level.
Officials hope that the scope of the green strategic partnership will be an “inspiration” to other countries.
The discussion between Modi and Frederiksen will include a briefing from India on the Indo-Pacific and the Quad, as well as Afghanistan and the challenge from China. Frederiksen is expected to lead the issue of the Danish company Maersk’s retroactive payments problem with the Indian government. “We think we can fix this,” the sources said.

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