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NEW DELHI: Only 56% of healthcare workers and less than 50% of frontline workers have been fully vaccinated so far and coverage is worse in many states, the Center said Thursday while expressing concern about the poor coverage almost five months after vaccination. The journey began on January 16.
The Center also highlighted the “less than adequate” participation of the private sector in the vaccination campaign.
Although the Center has allocated 25% of vaccine stocks to the private sector, it represented 4% of the total of 42,279 vaccination sessions on Thursday.

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One of the basic rules of mass vaccination around the world is that healthcare and frontline workers should be the first to be vaccinated. The gap, while partly caused by his own initial hesitation, is alarming. However, the state must vaccinate them as a priority as they work tirelessly every day in a high-risk environment.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan highlighted vaccination issues in a review meeting with states on Thursday. In 18 states, including Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi and Assam, comprehensive vaccination coverage among healthcare workers was lower than the national average. Similarly, 19 states, including Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab have covered less than 47% (national average) of frontline workers with the second dose.


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