Republic Day 2024: 7 tricolor snacks to celebrate the occasion

India celebrates Republic Day every year on January 26. Highlights of the day include flag hoisting ceremonies, parades across the country and, of course, the parade on Rajpath in New Delhi. However, why not make this day even more memorable by adding some delicious treats to your January 26 to-do list? So, while you watch the parade in New Delhi on television, indulge in these delicious tricolor snacks to set the tone for the festivities and satisfy the foodie in you. Here are 7 snack recipes that are inspired by the colors of our national flag:

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1) Tricolor Chicken Dumplings

It's really hard to say no to meatballs. Not only do they have a high flavor quotient, but they are also easy to prepare. These tricolor chicken dumplings can be made in just 30 minutes. The filling is made from finely chopped vegetables. The outer covering is a combination of three colors: the saffron of carrots, the green of spinach and the white of refined flour.

2) Tricolor Paste

On Republic Day, give your pasta a creative touch with a tricolor look. Using vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and white pasta, you can prepare your tricolor snack in no time.


3) Tricolor salad

If you want to celebrate Republic Day and still keep your eating habits clean, this tricolor salad is for you. This healthy assortment of vegetables includes carrots, green papaya, and cucumbers that resemble the three different colors of the national flag.

4) Tricolor Seekh Kebab

Whether we are guests at an event or the hosts of the party, kebabs are essential on our menu. These tri-coloured seekh kebabs are packed with lots of spices and are a great option to relieve your hunger pangs.

5) Tricolor pinwheel snacks

These are small sandwiches nestled in a bun filled with ketchup and mild spices. If you have children at home, prepare this dish for them and make their Republic Day memorable.

6) Tricolor finger toast

Tricolor finger toast is like a beautiful makeover that you can give to your usual style of making toast. This recipe only takes 15 minutes and is liked by everyone.


7) Tricolor Cottage Cheese Skewers

Celebrate Republic Day with these tricolor curd skewers. For this, you have to use three different types of marinades for the paneer cubes lined up on different skewers. It tastes great and looks beautiful too.

Set the tone of the celebrations with these dishes and have a great Republic Day.

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