Watch: Bhagyashree spent her 'Christmas vacation' enjoying this South Indian variety


Bhagyashree always makes sure her Instagram family gets a glimpse of her food adventures. Whether it's a family dinner, savoring a home-cooked meal, or talking about her favorite salad, her social media feeds always have a delicious story to tell. Recently, the star celebrated Holi and made sure to take us along on her festive outing by posting a video on her Instagram account. In the clip, Bhagyashree, her husband Himalaya Dasani and other family members can be seen having dinner and enjoying a South Indian meal. So what did they have, you ask? Well, we could see a variety of dishes on her table including dosas, medu vadas and what appeared to be fried masala idli. Of course, they were paired with sambhar, coconut chutney and tomato chutney. They concluded the meal on a sweet note with payasam garnished with chopped almonds.

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While captioning the post, Bhagyashree wrote: “Vacation day…Vacation!!! Jab Sunday bhi ho aur holi ka din bhi ho toh family ke saath kyo na enjoy kare! [“When it’s Sunday as well as the day of Holi, why not enjoy with family?”] Check out Bhagyashree's video below:

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If you want to recreate Bhagyashree's festive meal, check out the recipes below.

1. Pesaratu

A traditional South Indian dish, peseattu is a savory pancake made with green gram batter (moong dal). It is usually served with coconut chutney and is known for its crunchy texture and nutritional profile. Here is the recipe.

2. dosas

Dosa, a popular South Indian delicacy, is a thin, crispy crepe made with fermented rice and urad dal (black gram) batter. It can be enjoyed plain or filled with a variety of fillings, such as spiced potatoes (masala dosa). Click here for the recipe.

3. vada

It is a fried savory snack made from a mixture of lentils like urad dal or chana dal. It has a crunchy exterior and soft interior, and is often served with coconut chutney and sambar. Recipe here.

4. Sambar

Sambar, a savory and spicy stew made with lentils, vegetables, tamarind and a blend of spices, is a staple accompaniment in South Indian cuisine. It is usually enjoyed with dishes like dosa, idli and vada. Do you want the recipe? Click here.

5. Masala Idli Upma

This delicious dish is made with leftover idlis (steamed rice cakes). Idlis are crumbled and sautéed with onions, tomatoes and spices to create a tasty and satisfying breakfast or snack. Detailed recipe here.

We can't wait to see Bhagyashree's next food update!

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