Here Are The 3 ‘Investment’ Scam Apps Busted By Delhi Police – Here’s How To Stay Safe From Such Apps

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Here Are The 3 'Investment' Scam Apps Busted By Delhi Police - Here's How To Stay Safe From Such Apps

The Cyber ​​Cell department of Delhi Police He has blown up a huge investment business and arrested 11 people for defrauding more than 5 lakh people across India. The scammers made around 150 crore in two months through three Android applications: Power Bank, Sun Factory and EzPlan. Delhi police said the Power bank the application was available in Google Play Store while other applications had to be downloaded via websites in the form of APK files.
Police said the EZPlan app could be downloaded from ”“website. While applications and websites have been removed, the damage has already been done. Many people lost more than hundreds of thousands of rupees.
Anyesh Roy, DCP (Special Cell-Cyber) mentioned that the Power Bank app was trending Google Play and had more than thousands of downloads. The police decided to intervene after receiving “hundreds of complaints on social networks.”
Get Rich Quick: How To Spot Fake Android Apps And Stay Away From Them
Do not blindly trust Google search information and applications found in the Google Play store.
Google and the Google Play store should not be considered a holy grail for Android information and applications. In the past, many fake Android apps, rogue apps, and even malware have been found on the Google Play Store. So don’t trust what you see on Google Play or Google Search. The Android app market is full of rogue apps, and in fact, even rogue oximeter apps were recently found. Additionally, the ability to download third-party apps via APK files has made things easier for scammers to mislead Android phone users.
Always look at the application creation date, developer details such as email address, physical address, and other data to verify a particular application. Fake apps They are mostly newly created and little information about them can be found online.
Don’t blindly trust the videos you watch on YouTube
Don’t make investment decisions based on videos you watch on YouTube. It is common to see YouTubers promoting certain applications as part of their “multi-level marketing” strategy and to generate incentives. All three apps, Power Bank, Sun Factory, and EzPlan, had followed the multi-level marketing rule book to create quick incentives.
Always do your own research and verify the information before investing a single penny and don’t be swayed by these videos and content around get-rich-quick schemes. What’s more troublesome is that these scammers are now targeting people with limited incomes and launching schemes of a few hundred rupees. While you may think that Rs 100 or Rs 200 is not a large amount of investment, scammers can easily generate a large amount of money simply by tapping only 1000 users. In this case, it was more than 5 lakhs of users.
If something is too good to be true, it is probably
If any investment app claims to double the investment amount in 24-35 days, please note that it is not possible through legal means. Police mentioned that these fraudulent investment apps offered hourly and daily returns, and had investment options ranging from Rs 300 to several thousand rupees. Bogus app creators and scammers always paint an optimistic picture to attract gullible citizens and claim big profits.
Do not download applications by clicking on the links that you receive through SMS, email, WhatsApp messages or websites.
Please do not download any application by clicking on a link that you receive via SMS, email or WhatsApp messages claiming to be an investment application. These apps are mostly fake and are malware disguised to steal your data and continue to spread by secretly sending SMS to your friends stealing your contact information. Some of these applications can even steal your bank details.


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