‘Hilarious’: Shiv Sena Taunts BJP Over Jitin Prasada Induction | India News

'Hilarious': Shiv Sena Taunts BJP Over Jitin Prasada Induction |  India News

MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena on Friday he described the BJP’s celebration of the induction of the Uttar Pradesh leader as “hilarious” Jitin prasada in the party fold, but also said that the congressional leader Rahul gandhi You will have to create a strong team in your match.
In a shot in the arm for the BJP, Prasada, a congressional leader joined the saffron party on Wednesday, months before the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh scheduled for early next year. The 47-year-old former Union minister comes from a well-known UP Brahmin family.
In an editorial in party spokesman ‘Saamana’, Shiv Sena said that Prasada, a young leader, was of no use to Congress and will remain so for the BJP.
“Jitin Prasada, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot they were young leaders and there were high expectations of them. There is already a vacuum in Congress after the deaths of Ahmed Patel and Rajeev Satav. It is not good for young leaders to follow the path of the BJP, “said Sena.
“Prasada, who had faced defeat in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, eventually joined the BJP. Members of the Prasada family were loyal to Congress. He was a minister in the cabinet of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. However , continued to lose the assembly and Lok Sabha elections. The BJP has now begun to celebrate its joining the party. Uttar Pradesh’s caste politics is behind. Eye on UP’s Brahmin vote bank is said to be behind the incorporation of Prasada to the BJP, “he said.
“But if Prasada had control over the Brahmin votes, why were these votes not transferred to Congress?” I ask.
The Sena said the traditional upper-caste vote of the BJP must be moving away from the party.
“Until now, the BJP did not require arithmetic or face in UP. Narendra modi it was all. Ram mandir or Hindutva were the subjects to win votes. But now, the situation is so bad that he wants Prasada’s support, ”he said sarcastically.
The Uddhav Thackeray-led party said the important question is why congressional leaders are jumping ship.
Speaking of the defection of Jyotiraditya Scindia to the BJP and the rebellion of Sachin Pilot, the Sena said that in Punjab there is also a rebellion in Congress.
However, he said the rebellion and factionalism are not confined solely to Congress.
“Despite being in a position to win Kerala and Assam, Congress was unable to do so. Puducherry lost. But there is no discussion about what Congress should do next and how it should resurrect. Except in Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka, Congress is fighting for their survival everywhere. This political imbalance is detrimental to democracy, “he said.
Congress has worked hard in the pre-Independence era and even after that. Congress has a contribution to building the nation. Even today, the country’s ‘Nehru-Gandhi’ identity cannot be erased … Congress has strong control at the grassroots level, he said.
“President of Congress Sonia Gandhi he has ably carried out his responsibility in the match. Now, Rahul Gandhi has to create a strong team, which will be the answer to the challenge before the party, “added Sena.


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