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Birmingham, UK): West Indies great Michael Holding has praised the decision of England footballers to continue to kneel, saying that they are doing more than their cricket counterparts to combat racism.
Last year, the former pacemaker called for a significant change to address injustice, saying he had suffered abuse as a young player in England and Australia.
Holding, now a commentator, returned to the subject on Friday during the second day of play in the second test between England and New Zealand at Edgbaston.
“The footballers, (coach) Gareth southgate and the England team, I applaud them for what they are doing, “he said.
“They are getting a lot of sticks for taking the knee (in Euro 2020 prep games), they are booing them, but they are showing some courage.
“They are saying ‘we do it because we know what we do, not because of a political movement, we do it for humanitarian reasons.’
England and New Zealand shared a “moment of unity” before the opening day of the second Test, but the 67-year-old Holding was not impressed.
“I am not going to talk about political movements,” he said. “I worry about the three words – Black lives are important.
“What this England (cricket) team is doing, this ‘moment of unity’, is not supporting Black Lives Matter. Don’t tell me that’s supporting Black Lives Matter.”
Holding, who has written a book “Why We Kneel, How We Get Up,” believes things are changing, although not as fast as he would like.
“Progress is definitely being made, but I would love to have seen so much more (done) in this country (Great Britain),” he said.
“I want this country to firmly control the situation, but people are accepting that things are bad and we can move on.
“But I am very disappointed in people who say that Black Lives Matter is Marxist. They would not even know what Marxism is or what it stands for, but they tell you because they are trying to bring down Black Lives Matter.”


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