house: Biden won’t invoke executive privilege on Trump docs


WASHINGTON: President of the United States Joe biden you are not asserting executive privilege on a tranche of documents requested by a home committee investigation into the January 6 uprising on Capitol Hill, setting up a showdown with his predecessor Donald Triumph who has agreed to attempt to lock the records of his time in the White House to be turned over to investigators. In a letter to the United States Archivist, White House attorney Dana Remus writes that Biden it has determined that invoking executive privilege “is not in the best interests of the United States.” The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter on Friday, which was first reported by NBC News.
In August, the House committee investigating the January insurrection at the United States Capitol requested a trove of records, including communication within the White House under Trump and information on the planning and funding of the rallies. held in Washington. Among those events was a rally near the White House with comments from Trump that drew a crowd of thousands before loyalists stormed the Capitol.
In the letter, Remus writes that the documents reviewed “shed light on the events that occurred in the White House on and around January 6 and refer to the Select Committee’s need to understand the facts underlying the attack further. serious to the operations of the Federal Government since the Civil War. War “.
Copies of the documents in response to the request were turned over to the Biden White House and Trump’s attorneys for review for possible concerns about executive privileges under federal law and the executive order governing presidential records.
The incumbent president has the last word unless a court orders Archives to take different action. Trump has not formally sought to invoke executive privilege on the documents, although that action is expected soon.
The authorities also hope that he will try to take legal action to block the release of the documents.

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