How Can I get high quality backlinks in 2021?

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I posted previous What is Backlinks or Why this blog is important for Seo, I told you about the details about backlinks, what are the backlinks and what are the backlinks required for the blog. Today in this post we will talk about getting quality backlinks on our site.

So that is, search engine optimization is not a simple process.SEO on main to part of the first On-page SEO and second Off-page SEO. Fast indexing your site in Google from on-site, Google Bots helps in understanding your site. Which creates a good position in the spruce of your site. But you do not need to focus on only one page save. You should also focus on off-page save and create a better position in the spiral of your site.

Backlinks are part of the page save. We can make our site on the first page in the search engine by creating a quality backlink on our site. If you have higher backlinks on your blog, then your site’s search engine will have a high PageRank.

So start getting quality backlinks on your site from now on. I promise Your blog will get 100% organic traffic.

In this article, Here I am telling you 20 effective ways to get quality backlinks on the site.

20 great ways on how to create quality backlinks on your site

Backlinks play a major role in the search position of the blog. And the site which has more quality backlinks is ranked 1-10 in the Serpent. Do you also want your site to be in a good position in the snake?

  1. Comments on your blog related to your blog.
  2. Quality backlinks are not available on your site from social media sites. Because they use nofollow links. Therefore, you can find a do-follow link by adding a link to your site in a direct social post.
  3. You can create a question-answer form for your site.
  4. You can ask the related question from the page of your site on the Yahoo Question Answer page and you can add a link to the page of your site. Also, you can answer the questions of others.
  5. Try to write high-quality articles. Who everyone likes and wants to share. If you are successful in doing this, then your site will get backlinks as soon as your post is viral and readers share its link.
  6. Submit your site’s articles to
  7. Create Google and Yahoo Groups for your site.
  8. Create a widget of the top links of your site and add it to other blogs.
  9. If you know the coding of WordPress or Blogger, then prepare a blog template and theme and add a link to your site in its footer.
  10. start blog developing work and add your site link to their blogs.
  11. Write posts starting with numeric like 5 blogging tips to increase search rankings. Such posts quickly go viral and they get more backlinks.
  12. If you can design an image, you can visit your images on the free stock image site. And you can add a link to your site with it.
  13. Make a good banner for your site and add a widget about it to your site. Readers who like you really will like to put your site banner on their site.
  14. Submit a link to your site to YouTube and receive do-follow backlinks from YouTube.
  15. Write articles about other sites, companies, and persons such as Top 10 bloggers earning the most money from AdSense.
  16. If possible, write posts on upcoming news and events. And became the first person to write a post about it.
  17. Post a guest on another blog related to your blog.
  18. If your blog is on WordPress, then create a blog on Blogger and share the link to your blog post in it.
  19. Use blog communities for your site. Examples – Indie Blogger
  20. Create your profile on Pinterest and add a link to your site in it. After adding the site link on Pinterest, it must be verified.


Apart from all these methods, the best way is to share the original content on your blog and update it regularly. With this, your readers will like you more and share your post more and more. Will tell your friends about you. With which you will get quality backlinks automatically.



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