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JALANDHAR: It was due to his resignation from Lok Sabha against Operation Blue Star that the Captain Amarinder Singh He maintained his appeal among Sikhs not only in Punjab, but in other parts of the country, as well as in the diaspora, even when he joined Congress 14 years later, in 1998.
It was Bargari’s sacrilege and subsequent cases of police dismissal that brought down Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP and it worked favorably for Amarinder to become prime minister for the second time in 2017. Ironically, it was the same case that precipitated the crisis for he.
It was the acceptance of Amarinder among Sikhs that helped the Congress to revive Punjab in 1999. During three consecutive elections, the 1996 and 1998 parliamentary elections and the 1997 assembly elections, the party had taken a beating as it nearly it had become untouchable to Sikhs. Similarly, cases of sacrilege and police firing became the biggest problems before the 2017 elections, along with drugs and illegal mining, and led Akali Dal to lose considerable support among her pantonic vote base. SAD was relegated to third place in Punjab in the last assembly elections.
The analysis showed that 40 of the 77 congress-winning assembly constituencies were rural and had a predominantly Sikh population. In fact, after the formation of the government, these cases never ceased to be the center of attention. Amarinder created the Ranjit Singh Justice Commission to investigate the cases and the latter provided a full report. It was discussed in a special session of the Punjab assembly. This again worked for Congress and added to the negative perception of SAD.
While nearly a year was lost when CBI refused to hand over the investigation of Bargari’s sacrilege to Punjab, even as the state assembly passed a resolution in August 2018 and later issued a notice, there was progress in firing the Behbal police. Kalan and a little progress. in other cases of sacrilege.
The CM also faced criticism from the community for some of its adverse comments about the Kartarpur corridor, which incidentally pushed Sihdu up in his perception. Ultimately, it was the order from Punjab and Haryana HC in April 2021 to quash the investigation in the Koptkapura dismissal case that precipitated the crisis for him.
Not only Sidhu, some ministers and MLA also questioned the CM on the matter.

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