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How to clean your makeup brush


The brushes and sponges in your beauty kit are the cornerstone of your beauty routine, and just as we clean our clothes, rugs and other items, we also need to clean our makeup brushes and sponges. However, it is frequently observed that we neglect or simply do not clean these items. The main purpose of cleaning your makeup brush is to keep it clean and keep it free of dirt. Dirty makeup brushes are full of greasy makeup residue, dead skin cells and bacteria, which can cause infections and allergies, according to studies. Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning your brushes.

Make sure your brushes are cleaned at least once a month.

The bristles should be soaked in lukewarm water and not lukewarm water, as it can damage the bristles of the brush.

Dampen the palm of your hand with a mild shampoo or hand wash to clean your makeup brushes.

Place your palm on a bristle tip and massage gently.

With gentle hands, rinse the bristles and allow excess water to drain off.

If you use a towel to dry the brush, the bristles will get moldy.

Keep the bottom of the brushes away from water when cleaning them, as this can cause the adhesive to loosen.

You can also look for a cleaning oil stick, which is readily available in the market, to clean your brushes. It is very useful for cleaning brushes as it has natural oil and turmeric root extract that eliminates germs from the bristles.

Also, never use an electronic machine to wash makeup brushes, as it will damage the bristles.

Always remember that it is very essential to take care of your brushes, if you want to achieve a flexible makeup. Your makeup products will only work on your skin, when you have good, clean application tools. Invest in quality makeup brushes and take care of brushes and sponges.

With input from Sanjay Juneja, founder of London Pride.

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