How to earn money online on Facebook without any investment

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We all have heard about Facebook. This social media and networking platform has taken the whole world by storm since its inception in 2002, as-is of now has 2.2 Billion active users. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook along with a few other Harvard students.
The online platform, with has been made available on smartphones as well, allows a user to create a customized profile, add friends and send messages to each other. One can also upload multimedia and statuses as well as react and comment to other people’s posts.
There are of course more than just writing and commenting on statuses. Despite the invention of many other high up social media platforms, Facebook has been and will for all its entity, remain the best known and top-notch social media platform out there. Read along on how to earn money on Facebook!

Opportunity to earn money on Facebook

While Facebook is a popular social media platform to use these days, not many know that this social media platform is also an excellent source to earn some hard cash! The methods to make money on Facebook aren’t too far-fetched as well. They mostly involve marketing and being creative. So, without further ado, let’s move on towards some beneficial ways to earn money on social media!
Ways to earn some money online through Facebook

1) Marketing a product

Sponsoring or selling a product for the sake of advertisement is a great way to earn money on social media. Fortunately, you can link your cash making business with your social media platforms as well. Facebook is a great way to advertise specific products and items.
All you need to do is write some fantastic content for the product sponsoring and the company, plus links to that product. Remember to create a separate account on Facebook just for marketing purposes, and you’ll be good to go. Also make sure to focus on a specific niche, as a statement focused on “Women Outfits” or “Pet Cats” etc. Marketing is one of the most significant ways to earn money on social media!

2) Creating a fan page

Fan pages are also a fabulous, fun and simple way to earn money on Facebook. The steps to create a fan page are pretty straightforward. You visit the Facebook help center and click the button for the creation of a fan page.
The actual essence lies in marketing and engaging your subscribers. Start with posting some fantastic and exciting content, and post some great posts. Dedicate it to some specific niche. After your page has blown up with plenty of follows and likes (should be in the range of thousand or above), you can tune in to some post selling website like, and sell your fan-page posts. All in all, it is a great tool to earn money on Facebook!

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising other people’s products and those people ending up buying your products thanks to your marketing strategies. You get a commission based on the purchase while the company receives their item sold. It’s a WIN-WIN for both parties. So, how can Facebook help you with this? Well, most big websites have affiliate programs, which anyone can join, provided it is free and demands no prerequisites.
After filling out the form for an affiliate program, you are given marketing material to promote. Create a Facebook account especially dedicated for affiliate marketing and market all your assigned products! Make sure to include links to the products, plus images of the product! Affiliate marketing helps the company flourish their business and helps you earn money on Facebook.

4) Monetize your website

One of the most common and more natural ways to make money on Facebook is through the creation of a personal website and then using an Ad sensor to monetize your created website through the amount of traffic generated. This not only helps you market your site but helps you earn some fan following and some money as well. Your site should be related to some unique niche and should be pretty innovative to grab everyone’s attention.
Using Facebook, you need to provide links to your website, and this should be done on a periodic basis to grab some attention and generate some traffic. After getting significant traffic, you can use an advertising network like Google AdSense to place ads on your website and earn money on Facebook.

Beware of scammers on Facebook

Yes, Facebook can scam you too! The most popular Facebook scam is cat-fishing. What this term means is the creation of a fake profile to lure a victim into some fiction romance, getting his/her account information to get his money and sometimes setting some dangerous trap.
Cat-fishing has been very popular on Facebook since it is easy to get around with the creation of a fake profile and doing illegal stuff. If you ever spot some dangerous or suspicious activity, report or flag the account immediately. Don’t accept the requests of total strangers; it is better to be safe than sorry. Another well-known internet scam is phishing, in which a scammer sends individual deals, lotteries, and offers, acting as some salesperson or business holder.
These are always some messages about you winning a lottery or getting an exclusive offer, and you have never even applied for it. The way to avoid being scammed by phishing is pretty straightforward; don’t get tempted to click on specific links, you should know better than they are too good to be true. They would direct you elsewhere and either launch some malware into your computer or hack into your account details and drain your balance.


While millions of users actively use Facebook all the time, many are oblivious to the fact that Facebook is a great and easy way to earn some money. The only asset needed is a bit of devotion, strategy, innovation and time. Bear in mind that everything takes time, so don’t expect to be earning some substantial cash overnight, be patient and you would soon be rewarded for your efforts! It could take days or even months to establish yourself, but keep yourself engaged. Most people give up and lose confidence. But the real secret lies in devotion and time investment. We hope that you learn to earn money on social media and Facebook after reading this article!


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